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Rosh Hashanah Sermon

Rosh Hashanah Sermon 5779

Rosh Hashanah: Family Exile and a Moment for Reconciliation

Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff

My Uncle, my father’s brother, died two years ago. I did not really know him very well, he didn’t live close and we had only met once or twice. He had been married 3 times, divorced 3 times and had two sons with his second wife. I remember the one time that his family came to visit us in Minneapolis when we were just kids (I was probably 9)--he was still married to his second wife and came with their two sons. We went out to Makeeskys deli - a sort of-kosher place and sat in one of those high-backed pleather booths and on the wall above our heads were graduation class pictures from the Talmud Torah, our local Jewish school- many of these photos from my Dad and Uncle’s era. I looked up and saw a picture of Shirley standing in the front row of one of the graduation classes-1956. “What a coincidence,” I said to my cousins, “there is Shirley, your Dad’s first wife.” They looked perplexe…