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From Anxiety and Fear to Joy and Song ....... Parashat B'shalach Exodus 13:17-17:16 11 Shevat 5778

馃幍馃幍馃幍 From Anxiety and Fear to Joy and Song 馃檲馃懜馃檴馃槹馃榾 ---Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff---
Song of the Sea
We all find ourselves in fear-provoking or anxiety-inducing situations from time to time or, for some, even daily. It is no wonder, as there are so many stresses and pressures in our lives. We are concerned about our own health and the health of our loved ones; we have fear in connection with financial matters (paying bills, sending our kids to university); the work place can invoke all kinds of fears; there's a fear of heights, of small spaces, of water, of wind and you can fill in your favorite fear... We can try to control all of these external situations. For example, if one has a fear of flying, then he can take a bus, train or boat -- but then other anxiety-provoking situations seem to pop up in their place. In short, the problem is the fear and anxiety within and not the external situation. Fear, worry and anxiety will probably not disappear from our lives, but when we find oursel…

Give Me a Sign! Parashat Bo 4 Shevat 5778

GIVE ME A SIGN! Parashat Bo, 5778

Our firstborn daughter Tiferet Tehilla has been speaking and saying words for a long time. She could even say her sister's name - Maayan(i) ever since she was born four months ago. But for all of her talent for speech, she has not been able to say her own name! To be fair, her name, "Tiferet" 转驻讗专转 (meaning splendor) is not so easy to say.  Her concerned father (me) went to work teaching her her name syllable by syllable (Tee--Fe--Rhet). She would repeat after me one syllable at at time, always giving herself applause after she finished. But she wasn't yet able to put it all together into one word, one name: Tiferet

Perhaps out of frustration or perhaps out of incredible brilliance, she decided to give herself a nickname. What did she call herself? 讗ֶ转 [ET]. Not the the extra-terrestrial E.T. but rather the last sound in her name. We found it interesting that she called herself the Hebrew word 讗ֶ转 [Et], since the word has no direct tr…

Who Is God? Parashat Va'era 26 Tevet 5778

WHO IS GOD? PARASHAT VA'ERA by Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff

Reading the weekly Torah portion as a holy text, a sacred vessel that offers a path to God, rather than as a history or story book, raises important questions: who is God and what is God's real name?

This week's reading begins with a perplexing verse in which God speaks to Moses, mentioning not one but two of God's names:

Shemot (Exodus) Chapter 6
3 and I (God) appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as El Shadai (God Almighty), but by My name YHWH(the ineffable name of God) I was not known to them.
砖诪讜转 驻专拽 讜 驻住讜拽 讙
讜ָ讗ֵ专ָ讗 讗ֶ诇 讗ַ讘ְ专ָ讛ָ诐 讗ֶ诇 讬ִ爪ְ讞ָ拽 讜ְ讗ֶ诇 讬ַ注ֲ拽ֹ讘 讘ְּ讗ֵ诇 砖ַׁ讚ָּ讬 讜ּ砖ְׁ诪ִ讬 讬ְ拽ֹ讜ָ拽 诇ֹ讗 谞讜ֹ讚ַ注ְ转ִּ讬 诇ָ讛ֶ诐: 

The verse seems to be saying that God appeared to the forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as (or by the name of) El Shadai, but that they did not know God by a far more essential name,  YHWH. This name is known as the tetragrammaton, the four-letter Hebrew name made up of the same letters that comprise the word…

Seeing the Light! Parshat Shemot 19th Tevet 5778

Inspirational Torah
Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff

Parashat Exodus / Shemot

19th of Tevet 5778

Exodus: Chapter 2 5. And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe in the river [...] 6.  And she opened it [the ark], and saw it, the child; and behold a boy that
wept. And she had compassion on him […] 10.  And the child grew, and she [Miriam] brought him unto
Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son.

Why was Pharaoh’s daughter so moved at the very sight of baby Moses
floating down the Nile in the ark (teva)? So much so that it drew her
to save him and even to take him to be her own son? Was it mere pity?
The text tells us that Moses was crying and that she had compassion on him.
Is that the whole story? Maybe not…

The Hebrew text provides a clue.